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From psd to to tiff color problem

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Hi Damien, 

hope you can help me. I have to give a tiff and i worked the photo in ps, in srgb. To convert to tiff i flattened the layers, i convert to cmyk and then save it to tiff and i unchek the the box of color option (i´m sorry i don´t know how is it in english i have my ps in spanish) , that gets the tiff better but it still changing me the colors when i save it to tiff , I see like a different saturation ... What i i am doing wrong?  I attach my color profile and the jpg and the tiff, the color profile i´m working and the color option i uncheck

if you can help i will appreciate it so much!


Captura de pantalla 2016-10-26 a las 10.37.52.png

Captura de pantalla 2016-10-26 a las 10.38.44.png


Captura de pantalla 2016-10-26 a las 10.48.13.png

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Right.  And that's your problem.  Those free viewing programs that come with computers aren't colour-managed.  They can't even show RGB images properly, let alone CMYK ones.

ONLY view your images in Bridge.

In other matters, it's VERY important to always leave this box checked:


Never uncheck it, ever.

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okkkkk, if i see it in bridge the colors are not so different althougt with the box cheked. But i see it horrible in all the other places. Shall i trust bridge an d send it? they are still not exactly i think...

Edited by Erica
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It´s for a packaging, my first time, they wanted a tiff. I never printed in tiff. Where do I look the cmyk profile? I go to mode and change to cmyk, then save it as tiff.

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TIFF is fine, it's not the problem.  (It indicates that your printers are old-fashioned and foolish, but it's not technically a problem.)

The point of the article is that you can't just change the mode to CMYK.  That's incredibly dangerous.  I want to help you make sure your photo will print properly.

Just now, Erica said:

No, that's only for newspapers.

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