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Focus Check - Bridge module practice


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Hi Damien,
I'm using some very old, currently unedited files as my practice files while I work through your Bridge module. I have this photo which I suspect is too out of focus and needs to be culled. I thought I'd post it here to be checked before I scrap it though.

There are a few issues - mainly that this photo was shot almost 2 years ago and before I started to shoot exclusively in RAW, so unfortunately I only have a jpeg file of this; thankfully I've long-since stopped doing this. The second issue is that I'm not very confident with editing yet, I did go through the noise reduction instructions you have posted and I'm hoping I've gotten somewhere close to where this photo would need to be noise-wise.

The camera settings were:

f.5.0. ISO 100, shutter 1/800.


Noise reduced demo.jpg

Demo edit.jpg

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