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Are we upgrading our PS?

Kelly Greer

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What concerns me the most, is if Photoshop will just use the Intel UHD Graphics 630 Card and complain about it. At the very least, you want it to use the Radeon Pro 555x. That said, you really are pushing your luck upgrading. It will work, just don't come in here and complain that PS is lagging. :)  Honestly, it's the FOMO that is really getting you. Photoshop is still Photoshop. Unless you want to use all that fancy AI crap, you can stay where you are. Or upgrade. Either way your computer is "fine," but I have a problem with both of your Graphic Card Choices...neither are ideal. I have a Radeon Pro 850 with 8GB of Video Memory, and PS is now starting to lag; I can't edit as many images at once like I have, so if you are planning on editing 20-30 images at once, I'd stay where you are. If you are a 5 images or less type of person, then go ahead and upgrade.

Either way, start saving now!! A new Mac or computer of some kind will be your reality within the next 2 years.

Just like me.

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