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New PC / XPS questions


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Brian, could you tell me if I built this correctly?  My systems usually last me 5-8 years, but the motherboard / ethernet port has failed now twice on the XPS8930 for me.  I am thinking that within the year I need to replace this and want to be sure I have configured it properly to lasting the next 5 years at a minimum.  

Here is my link, I will also attach the tech specs on this. https://www.dell.com/purchase/cart/en-us?cjdata=MXxOfDB8WXww&cjevent=ccaf9c7e711b11ee819a52bf0a1cb828&dgc=CJ&dgc=af&publisherid=4286516&publisher=&aff=Capital One Shopping&affid=4286516&aff_webid=7882476&aff_user_id=379632a912614c9b914a5e3dbd0a8bc9&gacd=9684992-28463632-5750457-345576786-177846717&VEN1=12578053-7882476-379632a912614c9b914a5e3dbd0a8bc9-Capital One Shopping&dclid=CI_PqOHCioIDFV_t9QIdxD0Chg


Capture 3.JPG



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Yep. Looks good. Be sure to look for a Dell Coupon Code for any savings. Since you have had problems with your Dell's Ethernet Port, the 4 year warranty is good to have. That said, it is possible that your Router / Switch is blowing the ports, so if it happens again with the new computer, I'd start looking at your Switch / Router.

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I have replaced the router via AT&T three times now, router BGW310.  Can you explain the "switch" please.  I am unfamiliar with this router thing.  
Thank you for your input, I like to build to last, and I have always valued your thoughts and opinions for years now.  You are truly priceless! 

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A Switch is a device that learns which Mac Address is assigned to a particular Ethernet port, so it can forward the packets of information directly. Each Ethernet Device, Phones, computers, Wi-Fi Laptops, all have a unique MAC Address. It’s kind of like a Social Security Number.

As opposed to a hub, in which the data packets go in one port and then get broadcasted out on all the other ports at the same time. Switches are more efficient in transmitting Data Packets and are the most common type today. 

In many cases, the 4 port switch is built into the Router from the ISP. It’s really two devices; a Router and a Switch, built into one device. The average person doesn’t know this and just call it a Router. 

I have / own my Modem and have a Separate Switch. The reason is, ISPs typically use the ABSOLUTE CHEAPEST AND CRAPPIEST DEVICES OUT THERE. Because it saves them money. Mind you, they have no problems charging you a monthly fee to lease this crap, which is why I have my own. 

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