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  1. I am doing these menus for some mom and pop restaurants here in our little town for free through this mess. I truly appreciate every little second of your time! You have helped a small town at the same time!
  2. You just pull stuff out of your butt don't you? LOL Really, I overthink way too much! It worked fine... I am brainless at this point. This lockdown has me all jacked up!
  3. Well shit... how the hell did you do that? I am all kinds of brainless today.
  4. Right... so where did you grab your email address from to take it to tinyurl? That's so weird.
  5. There is nothing on yours other than info@damiensumonds.com So, I missed a step somewhere.
  6. No when I post the link it looks like this. https://tinyurl.com/yczazgmx When I click it to open a window (my client uses Gmail and chrome, it's just a menu) it shows the above, so I apparently didn't do it right????
  7. I think this is right then? THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I have saved the link and will keep in on hand. I owe you a beer for sure. I knew there had to be a easier way of doing this. I have a private little group that I work in for things like this, that only I can see, this is what it yielded. Correct?
  8. Brian, first off I hope you are all safe and healthy! I have searched and searched and I can not find an answer or at least not one that has worked. I have a couple rural small businesses I am helping out with ads and what not on facebook. I do all the work in PS and save them all a PDF and or Jepg depending on their needs (this is free to them FYI and our small town). This is the kicker: I can not for the life of me get a "email address" clickable in a post. One business wants to place their add with a clickable image or words to take people to email with their business email address in it to place orders etc. I hope I am making sense. I just can not get the "link" icon to show in order to even begin to link it to the post. I am sure that this is my user error because it shouldn't be this hard to figure out. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
  9. No worries... it was a permissions thing which I fixed although I fixed so many things that day I truly don't know what fixed the visual of the other drives. I hate when that happens. I wish I would have slowed down and wrote things down for next time. No biggie on the 179.00. I have a legit copy, key and everything is performing wonderfully and then some. Lets me save a bit more / longer for my over kill system :-)
  10. Sorry the delay Brian. I ended up paying 179.00 for a Windows 10 Pro key, What happened was that yes, I had Windows 10 (not pro not anything a digital version of 10) I did it to another computer I had here that is 8-9 years old before trying it on the other that I use most often (I was running 2-Windows 7 Pros and 1-Windows 10). Upon investigating yes your method works but you won't be able to change much of anything in fact some even have a watermark on them. When I installed Window 10 pro it on it's own decided to write over my Windows 7 Pro but it went without much effort other than drivers and such betting knocked out which I am used to. So for the 179.99 it was well worth it for the security and all for the system and, it gives me a bit more time and savings for my new purchase. I just can't get the Windows 10 pro system to see the drives on the new Windows 7/10pro system now. I've tried everything. I will keep trying or just resort at this point that I am at least not vulnerable to threats and such Thank you always!!!!
  11. I tried updating / upgrading to Windows 10 on my one Windows 7 Pro this way and it hasn't worked. It seems that it's only a functioning non personalized version? Is that right?
  12. When I buy I expect to keep it. I still have 2 Windows 7 Pro XPS systems that run like champs. One is 8 and the other 6. need to replace one. 🙂 Thank you!!!!!
  13. I tend to go over kill as you know. How's this look? https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/desktops-all-in-one-pcs/xps-tower-special-edition/spd/xps-8930-se-desktop/cto8930w10pcfl3h?configurationid=b8b6a50a-1c3f-4004-9e66-9e35fdf94813
  14. I will go with a XPS no doubt now. I was just curious as to what you thought of the Alienware new models mostly 🙂 I am always up to date with all my computers. I am a bit driven weekly to be sure. I always back up 4 places, run cleaners either a couple of times a week or weekly (depending on what I am doing). I crack open my systems every season if not more and give them a cleaning. And always double check my drivers from the manufacture. NOT through any other source. See... I am pretty much the perfect client. LOL Free and legal????? I've yet to find that source. Thank you and yes I have plenty of room 2TB on each.
  15. I was just curious of the Brand they are promoting. I've always used XPS's systems. I have 2 with Windows 7 Pro XPS and 1 with Windows 10 pro XPS. The 2 7's need upgrading as they are 6&7 years old now. They run like champs because I purchased right with the RAM, Graphics Cards, etc. But I know I will need to upgrade to Windows 10 pro so I may as well start thinking about replacing at least one of these 7's. I purchase usually through Dell Small business. I get a better deal that way and have 24-7 stateside (big plus there) support for 4-5 years depending on the level of system I buy. They are amazing (Pro Support) I speak directly to a human and they go above and beyond every time. They have repaired or helped me repair a Windows 7 issue when talking about my current Windows 10. And no I am running PS CC not CS6. I am current.
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