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  1. Well I can't show it... sorry. But I think that I may have improved upon it. Thank you always.
  2. Okay out of curiosity to know if I am thinking right or wrong. Let's say I have a png graphic and when I look at the image size it's 1.483"x2.283" 300 dpi. Now let's say I need this to be 5x7". Well when I do that it falls apart needless to say. So what is there or is there a way to enlarge this without losing details and remaining as clear as the above 1.483"x2.283". I can't show you the image right now. I am just needing to know if I can resize this and how.
  3. I wrote a couple of actions based off this method and wanted to know your thoughts and you confirmed mine. THANK YOU ALWAYS
  4. Just curious as to what you think of using image calculations and selecting / assigning the RGB channels and blend modes for Black and White conversion. It's a broad question I know. Just want to know your thoughts of advantage or disadvantage.
  5. You came up with that I did.. and yes that would work. I'm sorry I was needing to take care of a little one and needed to step away last night. I was just in the idea process and when I do that I had to think out how I could or would do this. As always you earned you beer for the day. THANK YOU!!!!
  6. Either I have to give them the styles or I have to paste this in. I am dead out of ideas.
  7. I put it on Linear blend so you could see it better.... it's a very faint pink peach. And yes a layer of colour in that shape. I can always change blend modes as I need them and or the color it's the shape that is killing me. I am trying to use the path tool I don't know if that will work either. I feel stupid right now. I know that there has to be away without me giving out my pngs.
  8. Nix that idea... I would have to send a patterns file also then. That would make it complicated to many.
  9. I wanted it to look like the PNG I showed you. Me playing were the other two. I am thinking a custom shape may work???
  10. It would be placed above the background layer and able to turn it on or off. Skip this whole question. I am having a hard time explaining myself.
  11. I can add a command line stating if it is vertical to apply it that way. Top to bottom not side to side. Or make it a duel option (vertical click this one horizontal click that one) with in the action. I hope that made sense.
  12. It's an effect... it has nothing to do with what you taught me or others... It's just like a vignette to soften the outer edges of a hypothetically a flower and decrease the background (which may be distracting) to blend. Most people don't have the channels or even adjustments understood. I refer a lot of them back to you for that. I am just making a toy so to speak.
  13. The PNG posted above is the shape I need. I am playing with the marquee tools along with masking. I am just stumped as to how to create that shape and the color I need it to be.
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