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  1. I figured something out... Thank you for your time! I truly appreciate it. I am not in a class right now, so we are good. Again, thank you.
  2. I am asking how to keep the base white in all of them.... It's not the photography or the technique so much as a editing nightmare. I've done all the above and wondered if there was a quicker, or better way of obtaining it consistently.
  3. Hi Damien, I saw the action you wrote for the jewelry question on changing the colors. I have one for you. I ask though please, you don't share this as they are for a client that has not viewed them and I can't let it out. I am using an AB400 PLM and bouncing light to the background and foreground (glossy white) however, leaving the settings exactly the same in camera and in RAW processing (wrote a preset for it), there is a difference in the grey / white bottom on all of them. I have used curves and only applied it to the whites, I have tried a gradient just on the bottom, and I have tried a solid color layer on soft light (white). I need consistency in these, and I am stuck at making this a quicker process. Here are two examples. One darker and one light more of what it should be. Thoughts please?
  4. Brian, could I please ask another favor? The monitor I received was defective, it had a halo / vignette all around the screen. I have to return that one. Can this monitor be suggested? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1645576-REG/dell_u2422h_ultrasharp_24_fhd_monitor.html Or show me another please.
  5. Oh I have more than plenty text prints... no worries there. We will see how it performs. I just hate to buy another calibrator.
  6. One last question Brian, my Spyder 5 pro will calibrate this correct? I really don't want to have to upgrade my calibrator again. Not right now.
  7. PERFECT ! I don't / didn't want a headache and don't need all the bells and whistles. I invest that more so in my computers. As always Brian, THANK YOU!
  8. Would this one do the trick, like I stated, I know that 4K is not your suggestion. https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/dell-ultrasharp-27-monitor-u2722d/apd/210-ayze/monitors-monitor-accessories
  9. Yes I have a HDMI Port, and video memory is in the screen shot. If you don't care for the 4000K or the other that I listed I only want to go 27 inch and prefer to stay with Dell Ultra sharps. So your suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
  10. Currently I have a Dell Ultra Sharp 2414H and it's been amazing. I am looking to replace this and found these two 27 inch monitors. Can you tell me which you would prefer please. https://deals.dell.com/en-us/productdetail/dnk9 27 4K UHD https://deals.dell.com/en-us/productdetail/ds2n 27 Or do you have a better Ultra Sharp you would recommend. Thank you in advance for your time and help.
  11. It threw a couple of settings off on the system and PS. PS seems to be dragging a bit, but I am sure that will clear up with another update. Otherwise all three went well!
  12. Perfect! One went well, going to work on the other 2 tomorrow. Thank you!
  13. I have used Spyder's tool (fix) and uninstalled and reinstalled it 4 times. After 3 hours it leaves the task bar but the calibration stays. It's very strange. Then my mouse and keyboard are not responding right, more so my mouse. I always check my drivers via the manufacturer and nothing is new. I am hoping the update helps. I am on my third reboot of the update that has straggling updates as you stated. Crossing my fingers, so I don't have to do a OS reinstall back to 1903 (I think is what came with the system). I like that the new update you can go with what is last on the system. Three major updates would take forever and I am sure get messed up somewhere. Thank you always for the tech talk!
  14. My spyder 5 pro is acting wonky and now my mouse and keyboard. Therefore, instead of reinstalling the OS I was hoping that this update may fix those things (it was a previous little update that caused it). I will give it a go tonight. THANK YOU!
  15. Hi Brian! Just here to pick your brain on the new Window 10 2004 update. What's your thoughts? I have 4 systems ready to have it, but of course I am dragging my feet to hear more. I've not seen much on it other than what I have dug up in the past two days. You are always part of my thought process. Thank you!
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