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M heron

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It will never look the same, because your background is in focus and the deer background isn't.

But first, add a Channel Mixer layer on "Luminosity" mode, with "Monochrome" checked, 0, 0, +100, 0.

Then a Levels layer:

  • RGB 40/1.00/255
  • Red 0/0.95/255
  • Blue 0/1.30/255
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can you explain normally what I should look for then while mimicking the shots then? or before posting here
from my perspective, I understand that the pictures are not the same at all, my photo is not equal to the ones posted, but at the same time it looks to me that the setting is fairly similar, especially with the shot with the tiger, the foliage is at the background and it is dark, it is not blurred and appears to be fairly in focus, can you explain what you mean by saying the photos are not the same and why I cannot achieve a similar effect with mine?

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