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lab wants me to send files in CMYK

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Hi I am trying to create a brochure with a lab. I uploaded my photos and I have inserted them into their template. They sent me a proof saying my photos were in RGB, so they had to switch them to CMYK. When they did they look too bright and have too much pink contrast.

The first time I printed with them was no problem.

The photos I am sending them now are used with the same lighting, same camera, and edited in Photoshop.

How do I change my photos to CMYK without it changing the colors and quality?


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Hi Damien, 

Thank you.  I read both articles.  

Should I follow your instructions from the newsprint article and try that or would you like me to elaborate from here? 

The company I'm working with is called "Uprinting" 

I designed and purchased business cards and brochures for my IPS Sales previously and they were perfect. 

But I've decided to change the photo. Now ive run into this shit. 

I'd go with a different company, but there is something unique about the cards that I don't wanna give up. 

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