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Mac and Ventura


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I have a 2017 iMac. Installed Ventura and it has PS has some bugs, but I wonder if it's the OS or Photoshop.  Thinking it's the OS. 

I've had it for about a month. I can't select more than one thing even pressing command. It's like that in PS too, shortcuts have changed, can't use the clone stamp tool because it doesn't recognize the option key. I'm on PS 2024. Should I go back to Monterey, and you help me get there? Or is there another option?

Can't go on like this! 🤯


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Unfortunately, you upgraded on a Intel Mac and this is a one-way proposition. Ventura, and the current macOS, Sonoma, is really meant for the newer M1, M2, and now the M3 Line of Macs. At this point, there are no "take-back-sies," meaning...you are Nuking your Main HD and reinstalling everything from scratch in order to downgrade. Apple stopped signing off on downgrading for your OS YEARS AGO! This is a major undertaking, and something that I'm not going to risk have you doing with me over a forum. When I've done this, it takes >>> ME <<< about a day to accomplish, then another 2-3 days of fiddling to get things working again. 

What I would do is, GO BACK TO PHOTOSHOP 2023 AND STAY THERE!!!

Seriously, you have a Mac from 2017 that is due for replacement within the next 12-18 months.  It's 6 years old! Yes, I have that same Mac and I refuse to upgrade to PS 2024. Photoshop 2024 really requires a new / modern computer, and even then Photoshop / Bridge don't have issues. I don't care what Adobe says and claims...this current version of Photoshop is killing computers that are a few years old. Especially ones that are "Under-powered." You can no longer blindly upgrade Photoshop or any other of Adobe's Software. I know the FOMO is strong, but in reality...you aren't missing much. Except for the AI stuff. Photoshop is still Photoshop. In fact, PS hasn't changed THAT much since CS6, well at least in terms of core features/modules.

To put things bluntly, START SAVING! Budget around $4600 for a new Mac. No, Apple refuses to release a 27" M3 Mac. So if you are waiting for one to be released, you are probably going to wait forever.

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