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Program for Organizing Files

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I've put my name on the waitlist for the RAW class, and am trying to get all of  my RAW and jpg files from over the years into one cohesive spot.  Originally I was going to use Lightroom, but read about the evils of the program, so was wondering if this is  a good idea.  The group of files is a hot mess. They're are all over the place, with some duplicates mixed in.  Wondering what program you would recommend that would help me organize and tough love the 30K plus files I have (so I can actually find the photo I'm looking for) and identify duplicates so that I can delete them as they go in.


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If you don't want to use LR, then use Bridge. :)  It comes with PS -- simply download it and install it and you're up and running.

But of course, any workflow management tool is only as good as the files and folders you put into it.  Bridge (and LR, for that matter) will view your files as they exist on your hard drive.  And if they're a gigantic hot mess on your hard drive, they'll be the exact same gigantic hot mess in Bridge or LR.  You'll have to use Bridge (or LR) to delete, reorganize, rename, keyword, etc. all of your files.

Here's a video that gives you the basics of workflow management with Bridge, as a starting point for you!

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