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Hi Damien, first off I follow your content and very much enjoy it and learn so much. I am no longer doing professional photography but I did take my extended family photos this fall. I shot most with a tripod and handed my camera off to someone to take photos of my immediate family and she did a terrible job. 

Using the photos I took I am trying to make a composite of myself, my husband, and 3 children, from 4 different images and I am not 100% confident in Photoshop. I would love for you to have a look at the photo generally but also can you guide me on how to edit around our feet so it looks natural? I am struggling to get it right and would like to get this photo off my to-do list. 

Any feedback is welcomed and help would be appreciated. Thank you

Family composit 2023.jpg

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I do have many more photos of the children but they looked best in the image I chose and putting posing together that seemed natural was my goal. Let me know if you want to see more of the session. 

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I first did the raw processing - are you noticing coloring that looks incorrect on your end? 

In regards to making it complicated, in my mind, it seemed more natural and balanced in regards to posing to split the children up. 

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