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No, do all your raw processing, save your SOOR as a JPG, and post that JPG here.  Any cloning work will of course be done in PS, not in raw. :)

Also: don't crop in raw, or while you're editing, at all, ever. :)  Keep all your pixels, and only crop for specific outputs (on your disposable JPGs, not your master file).

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Thank you! Great information! 

So how should I get rid of the sidewalk? The clone tool is just not working for me :(

please advise. Thank you! 

Attached is what I was able to accomplish with the clone tool. It looks pretty bad. Lol. 


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Every time you post the colours are duller than the first one you posted.  That first one was in the wrong colour space, but gee it looked good!

When you fix the colour space problem (if you do it properly) the visible colours should not change one bit.

Did you, or did you not, re-open the raw file in your raw program and fix the colour space setting there?

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2 hours ago, srichards523 said:

Yes, I did. I'm sorry, my mistake. The color was dull because apparently I didn't edit the colors like in the first picture.

I'm sorry to harp on about this, but it's really important.

There should have been no necessity to re-edit.  You should have simply opened the raw file (already edited from last time), changed the colour space, and bob's your uncle.

If, somehow, you lost your editing settings after you edited it the first time, that worryingly suggests another problem with your workflow, and I'd like to help you fix it if we can.

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