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Status bar disappeared

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Hi!  My status bar has disappeared and for the life of me, I can't restore it.  I have cycled through the F key button and still no success.  In fact, in order for my layers panels to show, I have to cycle to where the exit, iconify and enlarge buttons are not visible.  Any steps I can take to restore the status bar?  Thanks!

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You're here so we can check what colour space you're working in. This is crucial to everything you do in post-processing.

Open your photo (the one you were working on when I sent you to this article) in Photoshop or Elements. You must make sure it's the ONLY photo you have open. Close all others.

Click the little black arrow at the bottom left corner and choose "Document Profile":


******* My image does not have that scroll bar to make adjustments.  That is the bar that has disappeared.*******

When you do that, it'll tell you the colour space and bit depth of your file. What does yours say?

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