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Loose brightness adjustment

Your screen will change colours for a few seconds, then stop here:


First, take a look down at the Brightness setting in the bottom left corner of the screen:


Use your screen's brightness controls to get the "Current" value roughly close to the "Target" value.  Don't worry if it's not precise, because you'll be fine-tuning it soon.

White Temperature (Kelvin) adjustment

Now take a look at your colour reading:


You can see that my "Standard" monitor setting is definitely not 6500K, is it?  Seven hundred degrees too warm.

This is very very common, don't worry.  Screens' true colours are almost always a bit (or a lot) different from what they say they are.  So even if your screen has a 6500K setting, it mightn't be exactly 6500K.

Anywhere within 200K is acceptably close in my opinion.  So if your target is 6500K and your screen gives a reading anywhere between 6400 and 6600, I reckon you're good to go.  If your target is 5000K and it's between 4900 and 5100, that's fine.

Outside that range, it's worthwhile exploring other options.

If your screen's Kelvin is acceptably close to your target, click here to continue >>

But if your screen isn't close enough, click here to continue >>

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