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Custom RGB adjustments

Okay, it's time to turn your attention to these bars:


They are telling you how to adjust your screen's custom RGB settings.  In the above screenshot, it's telling me that my blue setting is much too high, and green and red a little too low.  The goal is to have the tops of all three bars inside that thin rectangle target area.

How to do it

It's tricky for me to guide you, because every screen's RGB controls are different.  For example, this is what Dell looks like:


Whereas some screens will simply have numbers:


I hope you'll be able to figure out your screen's controls okay.  If you're struggling, please comment below so I can try to help out.

Be patient

This process might take a little while.  Don't rush it.

If it seems to be telling you that one of the colours needs to go higher, but you've already got that colour at maximum, don't worry.  Bring the other two colours down instead.  It'll balance out.

Hopefully you'll end up with a great result like this:


I got within 18K of my target, which made me very happy.  But remember, anywhere within 100K either way is usually fine.

Next, brightness >>

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