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Monthly recalibration

When the month has rolled around, your computer will notify you that it’s time to recalibrate. If you’re like me, you’ll ignore it for a few days because you’re busy. But don’t ignore it too long.

Provided nothing has changed with your setup since last month (new hard drive or graphics card or anything like that), recalibration is fast and easy.

Of course, before recalibrating, make sure your screen has been on for half an hour to warm up and stabilise.

When you launch, you can hit "Next" through the first couple of familiar screens, then pause here to make sure all the information is still correct:


(Generally it's very good at remembering your settings from last time, but never assume - always check.)

Then on the next screen, make sure this is still set to "FullCAL":


(Yes, there's a ReCAL option, but it's half-assed.  Let's do it properly.)

Make sure all your settings are correct on the rest of that page:


I'm sure you remember what to do here.  It should be all the same as last month.

  1. Consult your notes to check that the White Point you used last month is still entered correctly.
  2. Consult your notes to check that the Brightness you used last month is still entered correctly.
  3. Make sure Gray Balance is still set to "Better".

Then go ahead and run the calibration, then compare against your prints to make sure everything is still fine.  If so, get back to work.

If for some reason it's not fine, go to the results page to revisit your options.

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