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Focus check

Debra Simeon

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Hi Damien - I have really only adjusted the exposure and white balance as I am yet to re-take the raw class.  Also, I used the auto de-noise as that is now offered in PS. Hopefully what I'm sending is ok. Let me know if I need to re-do.  Thanks, Deb

IMG_0048 copy.jpg

IMG_0048 Metadata.png

IMG_0048 D .jpg

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How's this one? (If this one is no good, I'll have a camera play day and get some new photos just for the course I think.  I haven't had a play with the camera for a while and am using some older photos). Thanks D.



MI6A7026 Data.jpg

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Ok, will do.  Quick question though - if I have a photo where the subject is well in focus but I have to reduce the noise for the background quite a bit, would that affect the good focus of the subject?

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