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Bridge has started crasing with unknown error message (see screenshot)

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Quite suddenly this afternoon bridge has started crashing with the attached 'message'. I have a mac, using Ventura; 16 Gb RAM; 170 Gb of memory available. If I purge the cache it seems to help for a little while (maybe 4 or 5 images) and then it starts crashing again. I have done everything suggested here https://helpx.adobe.com/nz/bridge/kb/troubleshoot-errors-freezes-bridge.html and tried a couple of other things people suggested. Very frustrating. Any ideas?

I'm tempted to get my old laptop with CS5 on it out again....

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Gosh, that's not very informative, is it?

To be honest, I would be inclined to do the opposite of "Troubleshooting Step 1" on that page.  I'd roll back to a previous version of Bridge and see if the problem still existed.

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