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Card order came back too magenta/blue/something?

Twyla Hall

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I'm having a hard time with determining what to do to fix this print issue I'm having. My monitors are calibrated and I have multiple computers I checked on. Digitally, the file looks the same across the board.  I sent the file to print for holiday cards, and I have a problem but I can't tell exactly what it is... the lab says the machine that prints these cards typically prints too warm and will over saturate, and that I should adjust my file and send it back. They don't have any soft proofing profiles for me to work with. So I try to recreate what the image looks like in Photoshop and then add layer masks  so make it look "normal" on my screen. I had to add warmth to do that.  Anyways. Can you please tell me if I should be cooling down the picture, because that's what she's advising me to do--  or if I should be warming it up.  First is my original file. Second is the printed card next to monitor (brightness can't be brought down more on my monitor).  Third is side by side with their lustre print which has some detail loss in the brighter parts of skin but nothing I'm too concerned over.  All were SRGB profile saved.  Thank you for your help...

Laughing All The Way 5x7 Front2.jpg

File Nov 04, 11 16 11 AM.jpeg

File Nov 04, 11 21 29 AM.jpeg

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