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Filling in sheer sleeves


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Okay, I started with a Hue/Saturation layer, with the "Colorize" box checked, and values: 230/25/0.  I masked that to the whole area, and allowed it to blend into the rest of the dress a little bit.

Then I added a Levels layer and clipped it to the Hue/Sat layer, and on the RGB channel I moved the white Output slider in to 120.  (The Output sliders are the ones touching the gradient, not the ones touching the histogram).  Then started very carefully masking that layer onto the fabric.  I varied the brush opacity a lot, as needed . Allow plenty of time for this.


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Thank you so much. I'm struggling with blending the line across the chest but I'll keep trying to vary the brush. I have several pictures the mom is asking to fill in, would you say this is not a quick fix but something that will take time for each picture?

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