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Film Processing


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Hi Damien, do you perhaps have some advice, recommendations, or articles about clean processing photos from film scans?

Here's one I played with using a little bit of camera raw filter (except the white balance, texture, and clarity parts), then levels. Not sure with what I was doing though.

Film - KFC.jpg

Film - KFC 2.jpg

Film - KFC 1.jpg

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Hi Damien, it's been days now and I still couldnt shrug off the excitement about the potential of photos like this once edited with advanced levels. Would you be so kind to do an edit? I dont need a psd file and I wont be using the image anywhere. I wont even ask how you did it. I'm really just curious how it would look. This is the image straight from the lab just in case. Thank you!


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Thanks Damien! Never heard of black balance before. What you did to the blacks alone already made a huge difference without deviating from that old photo look which I was after. Getting more excited. Thank you. 

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