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Fix Harsh Shadow


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I am super embarrassed by this, but I had a shoot this weekend and it was supposed to be outside until sleet and snow moved it into my basement. I am a natural light photographer and am not prepared to light more than one or two individuals indoors, but this is a cousin and his family. Anyway, I have harsh shadows in the few group shots I did (I only have one light and my reflector for fill was not adequate). I've managed to work around a lot of the shadows in my other shots, but this one is getting to me. I can lighten the area on his shirt but it messes up the color. I've only worked on the background on this one so far and not any of the shadows. 

Oh how I wish I'd been more forceful and rescheduled. Can you teach me how to deal with a shadow like this? Thank you!



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Great! I was actually do that, but was going at it too aggressively and going the wrong way with my saturation. I've lost a little too much detail, but here is my first attempt. Am I on the right track?

Thank you so much!

486 redo.jpg

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