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room light for editing

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I've just set up a new office and took your recommendations for lighting - I found a fixture with 4200K temperature and about 900 lumens. My area is pretty small, technically a large alcove, and this has made it pretty bright.  I enjoy the bright lighting - as you said in the article, I'd be perfectly happy for my kids to do their homework here. Problem is I'm trying to calibrate my iMac for the first time with a Spyder 5 Elite, and it says room light is Very High, and this level is not recommended, and to use a monitor hood, umbrella, etc. and calibrate the display to maximum brightness. Should I really accept its recommended target settings of 200 cd/m^2 for brightness? I've had issues before because my monitor was too bright, so I expected to be adjusting it dimmer. I tested with the light off and that makes Spyder think my room light is Normal (there's some ambient light from the outer room). How do you suggest I proceed?

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