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Xrite i1 Display Pro Questions

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I have a few questions about the monitor calibration with this device. 

1 - After I do the calibration, I'm not sure if the monitor is actually saving or using the calibration results. Everything looks very similar on the screen to before I did the calibration. I clicked on "create and save profile" and gave it a name. Then once I close the program, should my monitor display look different? Did I skip a step? 

2 - I see people say that the main test is whether your prints look right. I don't print my pictures but I still want my monitor to be accurately calibrated so that the colors will not be consistently far off on everyone else's computer. Right now on all other displays (on my DSLR or computers at work or my cell phone), my pictures are brighter and warmer, have stronger tint, and have weaker shadows than on my computer. 

Thanks for your help. 

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