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Over cropped

Paul Rogers

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I have an older photo that was cropped in LR (my bad) and I still have the tiff file with about 10 layers. It is a simple portrait.  The layers consist of some levels adjustments dodging and burning etc to the skin and clothing so nothing significant around the edges. I am wanting to place the original file into the tiff file giving me more space around the edges but still lining up the adjustments. Is this possible or should I start again. Thanks and lesson learned.  

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Sure!  Just open the new version into Photoshop, then immediately Cmd A Cmd C Cmd W (select all, copy, close).

Then go to your existing TIFF file, and select the Background layer, then Cmd V to paste.

Immediately change the pasted layer to "Difference" blend mode.  That's the easiest mode for this, you'll be able to move the layer around, and when it lines up to the underlying layer, it will be black.  Make sure you do this at 100% zoom.

Once it's aligned, make it "Normal" blend mode again.

Finally, go to Image>Reveal All.

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