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I have been on a long sabatical from photo editing, and it seems that all my photoshop brain pixels have left earth :-(.

It is a raw file, nothing done to it yet. What is the best way to ensure the background is evenly white, while the shadows will still be there? I did a search and run into this article. However, as I think overall the background is okay, I am unsure if I need to replace the whole thing. If yes, would I also need to add noise, eventhough the background is white? http://www.damiensymonds.net/preventing-banding-in-backdrops/ 




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What do you think, Damien? 

Next time I need to pay attention where the tile boards are on the floor. Can you see the left foot of the sister on camera left; you see reflection being cut due to the 2 tile boards. I tried to use the blur tool, and then a bit of the patch tool, but you still see it. Do you have a suggestion?


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