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How can I do this?

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I want to calculate standard deviation of color values of the pixels of a photo given below. I have seen this on some website and the standard deviation mentioned by that website of this pic is 4.207%.


They have mentioned steps that how they have done it which I am also attaching as a image. Problem is am not able to understand that how they have done it.

step1.thumb.jpg.279d76e04abe37bb01e46ac8    56c976be88938_step2.png.00dba31c17bb585756c976c0eb7f3_step3.jpg.1537cedd9bd7c68b


Please help me calculating this standard deviation and also how to process a image using Gaussian Blur.

Thank you.

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Yes, you temporarily plug the TV in to your computer to act as a monitor, then use the excellent testing features of the X-Rite i1 Display Pro calibration device.  It gives very accurate readings of the brightness and temperature in each section of a 3x3 grid on the screen.

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