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Hello -

I see someone asked this question but I did not see the reply.  I have a black and white print that came back with these halo/circles that are magenta.  I shot this with a 85mm  I edited the photo in LR.  When I look at it in LR you do not see this. The lab is pulling it into PS and they are bringing the levels slider over and seeing the artifacts.  So I tired taking the unedited photo and I brought this into PS and I can see it when I bring the slider down.  Where it is showing all these bands is the sky that is blown out.  I have never had a photo to do this. How do I keep it from happening and can I fix the one I have?


Thank you so much.


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What I mean is, your file is perfectly neutral.  Absolutely no magenta at all. So the problem is with their print process.

Hopefully they have advice for you about what to change in your file to prevent this.  But DON'T let them make you pay for the print again.  This is a problem with their print process, not your editing process.

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