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Weird colour

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No, same screen I have had for the old PC.  I reset everything on the monitor when I connected the new pc and then I made sure that all calibrations were removed from color management before I calibrated again.  I calibrate according to your guidelines.  I never had a problem with the old pc/video card. :(    Here is the Histogram from both PS and ACR  edited with color correction and one without color changes.  Sorry they are pngs, that is how my screenshots save and no other option for them.

Screenshot 2016-12-11 23.18.11.png

Screenshot 2016-12-11 23.18.24.png

Screenshot 2016-12-11 23.18.31.png

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Yes I do like how they look.  I just received another order and double checked them, they look fine to me.  I haven't had any complaints on my prints but I also know that most customers are happy with crappy cell phone pics so them being happy with mine does not mean anything.  When you say you saw a colour cast - what weird color is it leaning towards?  I think it leans toward magenta, others have said my photos looked green at one point.  But the two who did lean more towards warmer edits than I do.   Again, thank you for helping me out so much!  You are truly a blessing to so many people!  

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