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HI!  It's been a while since I stalked your pages!

For a while now I've been annoyed that when I pull some images into elements they go into separate windows.  I'm almost certain that it used to be automatic the way I like it.    I like to have them all along the top in tab.  So I have to go to window and images and tell it to consolidate all to tab.  It is annoying but I can't find it in settings where I can change it to automatically to do that for me.  HELP!

I have a PC desktop running windows7 and Elements 12. It is over 2 years old, and has 8GB of RAM. Its hard drive has 126 & 353GB free out of 465 & 465 GB. The last time I shut down was more than 24 hours ago. I run a cleanup program about once a month.

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