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Photoshop histogram vs ACR histogram

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After updating photoshop cc to the latest version I noticed the histogram in photoshop now seems to have extra latitude on the left compared to the histogram in ACR. First I checked to make sure all my settings were still correct and I was working in sRGB as usual, and everything checked out. So I decided to experiment by switching ACR to ProPhoto RGB to see if the histogram would then look similar to the one in photoshop, and sure enough, it looks suspiciously similar. Its as if photoshop is behaving similarly to lightroom, where the histogram is calculated using a larger color space than the working color space. At least in lightroom we can use soft proofing to see an accurate histogram, but I cannot find a way to get an accurate histogram in photoshop. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I just missing something?


First image is ACR histogram in sRGB, second is Photoshop histogram, third is ACR histogram in ProPhotoRGB mode - which looks a lot like the photoshop histogram.




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