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Removing an unwanted foot


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I have a lovely photo of a baby on a picnic rug, unfortunately half of her dad's bare foot is in the frame and I'd really like to remove it. The really tricky bit (for me) if that the picnic rug is tartan and I'm having trouble matching up the patterning. Any advice would be appreciated!


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Morning Damien, you're right it's the mother's hair, I was shooting over her shoulder. I hadn't intended to remove it because it 'fit' with the context of the shot whereas the foot is just discomforting. 

I don't have another shot with that side of the rug toe-free but I do have one where I re-framed the shot to block dad's foot with mum's head (baby's expression is better in this one)....perhaps that's a better solution that trying to repair the rug? 

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No worries. Thanks for taking a look at any rate. 

I tried using the other shot I mentioned and I think it's ok. It's probably better in some ways because it brings mum more into the image and she's less of a distracting blur in the corner. 



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