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How big can I print my photo?

Kimberly Chek

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I've read your articles about "how big can I print my photo (all 3 of them) and I understand things being in focus. However, what happens when you have a photo of a person within a building. the building is really the subject of the photo - you find when you really zoom in to the person, the detail on the person becomes more pixelated (hope I am making sense). If your client wants you to print the photo large (not quite sure exactly HOW large yet), how will you know they won't be disappointed in the person in the photo? I know the photo is about the building. I think to them, it's about the person AND the building. Here's the picture, which might help explain what I am trying to explain....

Like I said, I've read the files (even about the people/lashes up close and far away), but I think I'm doubting what I know. 


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