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Images pixelated in photoshop cc

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I have a Mac laptop running OS X Yosemite and Photoshop cc. It is less than 1 month old, and has 8GB of RAM. Its hard drive has ?GB free out of ?GB. The last time I shut down was last night. I have never run a cleanup program.


I'm not sure if I can explain this properly,  but I recently upgraded to the 610 from a 3200 and I also got a new laptop so I have the latest version of cc. I also shoot in RAW. When I open an image in cc it's at fit to screen and usually at 100% The image is in focus, but on some images when I go to zoom in it turns pixely. Is there a setting in my camera, or in CC I should be fixing? I've never had this issue before. My CC and camera are both in SRGB



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Ok, I can see that somewhere between the raw stage, and the Photoshop screenshot you showed me earlier, you cropped.  This is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD.  You must NEVER crop during editing.  I don't care how much black the flash caused.


This is the cause of your problem, for sure.

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