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ASUS VS239H Calibration and Shadows

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Hi! I just got a new monitor based on your suggestion, the ASUS VS239H.

I just went through the calibration with it for the first time and am looking at some prints I ordered with my previous monitor.

I made the screen mostly match the colors (which are too dark and red, so I need to work on the editing), but the shadows are what concern me (in this instance, it's a shadow on a baby's face). On the screen I can see a lot more detail/light in the shadows (if that makes sense). The print has shadows which are much darker/blacker. How do I make the screen show that darkness so that I can adjust my editing and fix that? Or am I missing something else?

I hope I'm making sense here.

For the record, my current settings are:
Scenery Mode
Color: Warm
Brightness: 35
Contrast: 77
Saturation: 50
Skin: Natural

Thank you!

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Here's the version before I did levels work...and this is actually what the print looks like (the baby's face).

To me it looked like a huge difference but maybe it's not really. I just did even more work so it's a little lighter (the "edit" image).

It is okay to compare prints made from another monitor, right? I've gotten so confused in the last 24 hours of trying to work on this!

The settings on the monitor are also confusing, with the different modes and resetting. So I'm not sure if things are still the same now as when I originally posted. :/




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Yes, for sure! I will order a new copy of both of these versions and a couple others from the session.

There are so many modes on this monitor and then the Splendid thing makes everything super constrasty and I don't even know what's real anymore. It's all so frustrating. I wish I could magically transport you here to fix everything for me! :)


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Hi again! So I've just gotten some new prints (with a different lab too). The brightness is good; they aren't dark. However, they are still very warm. (This has been an issue with the other labs I've used, so I'm pretty sure it must be on my end, right?) Like, the skin especially has a red tint in the photos that is definitely not there on my screen. Is there a way to make my screen redder so that I can de-red it appropriately?

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