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My file was too dark

Mariann Asbury

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Hi, my canvas came back super dark, what did I do wrong with my editing...it looked okay on the screen to me...but my client requires reprint. When I try to lighten, this blue cast comes up in the shadow next to the chest. What can I do to fix that? There needs to be somewhat of a shadow from the dog there, but not sure if I can win this one over. I am attaching the original canvas print file. Thanks.


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Just now, Mariann Asbury said:

My client and I approved what we saw on the screen before I sent it in. When the canvas arrived she was disappointed how dark it was.

But both of you are just comparing the canvas that was printed to what you saw on your screen.  Have you ever had canvases printed by this lab before?  And does your screen still match your calibration test prints?

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18 minutes ago, Mariann Asbury said:

I do not have a photo printer...just a regular ink jet hp office jet 4500...would that make a difference...I gotta pick up kids at school, but will be back.

You don't need a photo printer. You'd use your test prints from the professional lab that you usually order prints from (without color correction).

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