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I have a HP Envy Core I7 laptop that has been calibrated using the Spyder Pro 4. I just got an additional HP monitor HP M1N98AA#ABA 23" EliteDisplay E232 1920x1080 VGA/DP/HDMI Tilt/Height/Swivel/Pivot IPS Screen, and I have been mirroring the display. Problem is I have the brightness turned all the way down on both of them and my prints are dark compared to the additional monitor screen. I can't figure out how to calibrate the monitor that is running off the laptop. 


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Well now dragging that over is just flipping me out! I will try to get this calibrated now.  Thanks so much. If it don't work out, you can pick up the monitor in Brisbane, because I will toss it out the window over there :))

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