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11:15 resize and resolution for clients

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I've read your Selling Digital Images tutorial several times and have a question on resolution.  In the quote below (and also shown on one of your video tutorials), you mention about leaving the resolution field blank in the options bar.  When I crop to 11:15 in PS, I don't see the resolution field in the options bar.  I'm only seeing a place to adjust height and width.  After I crop the image, I can go into Image Size and see that it's automatically populated at 300ppi and the actual height and width of the image is around 11x15 depending on how much I cropped out of the image.  Is this correct or am I missing something?  Based on your tutorials, it looks like I should even need to do anything with image size since I'm effectively doing that through the crop tool.  Thank you!


"Important note: 11:15 is a shape, not a size.  When cropping to 11:15 in Photoshop, do NOT enter a value in the “Resolution” field in the Options Bar.  Crop with a Width of 15 inches and a Height of 11 inches (or vice versa) but leave the Resolution blank.  This will mean that the remaining pixels don’t get changed in any way."

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