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Mickey Mouse Collage

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I've done plug and play collages before so I understand using templates. I don't know if it's possible to make one collage be versatile like that. I'm sure you can explain it. I just don't see how I could have say 100 photos in 2017, then 150 in 2018? If it's easier to stick with 100 then I'm ok with that.

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Sorry about my delayed reply.  I hope you'll find this worth the wait ...

1. Make your blank file, and add your Solid Color layer for the surround colour:


2. There will, of course, be a normal pixel mask attached to the layer.  But for this, we need a vector mask.  So just hit the "Add mask" button:


3.  This will add a vector mask to the layer (1).  If you haven't ever seen this before, it will look weird, I know - having two masks on a layer seems strange.  You can right-click and delete the first mask if it suits you, but I didn't bother for this demonstration.

Now choose the elliptical shape tool (2) then make sure it's set to "Subtract from shape area" in the Options Bar (3).  This will look different depending on your version of Photoshop - if it's not a little icon like mine, it might be a little drop-down menu instead.  Whatever it is, I'm sure you'll find it ok.


4. At this point, it might be useful to turn on grids.  Then draw your first big circle with the shape tool.  If you have the "subtract" setting selected properly, it will create a hole in the middle of the layer, revealing the white Background layer underneath:


5. With the same tool selected, draw an ear-shaped oval:


6. Now choose the Direct Selection Tool or the Path Selection Tool.  Either will work in this case, I think.  The shortcut should be A.


7. Click on the oval you just drew to select it.  (If you have the Path Selection Tool, simply clicking on it should be enough.  If you have the Direct Selection Tool, you might need to Option-click.)  Then, Cmd T to transform it.  Rotate it, move it, and resize it as needed, until it's just where you want it:


8. After transforming you'll press Enter/Return to get rid of the transform handles, then Option-drag the ear across to copy it:


9. Then Edit>Transform Path>Flip Horizontal:


10. Then move it into place:


11. Then, if you're like me, you'll find that Mickey is looking good, but he's not positioned correctly within the image.  To move him as a whole, just choose the Move Tool as normal, and move him to where you want him:


12. Finally, you can return to the Background layer, and start dragging images in from Bridge to commence building your design:


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Wow Damien!! Thank you so much!!! I never thought you would go in this much detail and help me this much! I really appreciate it, really I do.

ill be working on this tomorrow while my daughter is at school.

thanks again!!

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Have you considered putting a border around the photos?  Layer>Layer Style>Stroke

Once you've added Stroke to one of the photos, you'll see it listed below the layer in the Layers panel.  To copy it to the others, Option-drag it to the next layer, and the next, and so on.  I don't know of a way to apply it to all layers at once, I'm sorry.

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Does anyone have a like a template of this that i can use on photoshop to just upload my pictures onto ? Im struggling with doing this :(

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10 hours ago, Damien Symonds said:

Dan, don't give up so easily.  Please tell me how you're struggling, and let me help.

Mine looks different on the screen when i get home later i will add a screen shot thank you for your help

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Thank you so sorry for another question ive never used photo shop before so really sorry for the questions ive now lost the buttons on the bottom right to be able to add the mask  ? ? i should probably just give up haha

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Hi, is this tutorial and site specifically for Photoshop programmes? Would you be able to help me out with instructions for me using GiMP at all?? Xx

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