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So sorry Chistina I'm very new at this.  What is SOOR? Straight out of raw.  I edit in LR and pull across to PS.  Also I have just bought a new Eizo monitor and my JPG  photos are quite saturated straight out of camera which I'm surprised at.  I have calibrated it.  Not sure how it looks at your end.


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4 hours ago, Kazrk said:

ok I will do this but apart from that do you  think I need to do anything more with this photo?

Thanks so much for your help.

A lot, yes. :)  But until you're working with a calibrated screen, you're literally editing blind.  So once you've got that sorted out, come on back and we'll see what we can do to help you with this image!

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I know it must think we're labouring this point very painfully, but a good black-and-white conversion really relies on a nice raw edit.  Once you have your calibration done and confirmed against prints, let me know and we'll talk about the editing.

Also - VERY IMPORTANT - do this.

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