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Banding after using album designers

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Hi. I recently moved from creating albums for my clients in PS to using an album designer. The album designer requires that the images be loaded into the program as jpg. After the album is designed and the client approves it I then have the option of converting the album spreads to psd. From there I have been using my normal sharpening methods that I learned from you that have always worked great. The problem is that ever since I started using the album design software I have been having severe issues with banding and other bizarre printing problems such as magenta printing along the most in focus areas. The banding has been incredibly difficult to eliminate.

My question is if I am degrading the quality of the images too much by converting the images to jpg then back to psd to sharpen before print. Could that be causing the issues?

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Yes. We've been going back and forth for weeks. The magenta only occurred in one album. It was showing up on images similar to this. You can kind of see on the line of focus where the image is sharpened that it looks a little odd. For some reason it was printing with a magenta hue. I was able to fix it by blurring that area. It also happened on the grey image on the wrap in the areas that are most in focus. But not on baby's skin. I had to blur the entire wrap to get it to go away. I've never had that issue before and have used this same blanket and wrap. I'm thinking it must be something to do with the album software. 

052A0143 copy.jpg

052A0074 copy.jpg

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