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Ive lost my recycle bin

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Hi Brian, I've lost my recycle bin - win 10  - I have a shortcut on my desktop to the recycle bin - it has only one file in it dated in early Jan. I have deleted lots of files and they do not show in this folder.

Ive gone through settings to reset defaults. This is what shows.  Goodness knows whats going on! Any suggestions?


Bin Contents.JPG

Bin Properties.JPG

Bin Properties - 1.JPG

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My error - copy and pasted screen grabs - didnt work - its late!
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  1.  Left Click the Start / Windows Icon on the taskbar.
  2.  Just start typing this phrase, "show or hide common icons on the destkop"
  3. It should appear in the list before you finish typing.
  4. Click it in the list, it should be below the word, "Settings"
  5. Click the Restore Default button
  6. Click Apply if available, otherwise click OK.
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I must have messed up posting my reply Brian ....I did all that before posting here then again after reading your post - didn't work. Deletes dont show. I think it needs reloading - especially now my lightroom catalog has problems ... ive posted here too  and Jason is helping me with that. Sorry for the delay!

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OH! You are the LR thread. LOL!!

Yeah, you have problems. I'm thinking your Hard Drive might actually have bad sectors and you have more than just "corrupted software." At this point, I wouldn't worry about your recycle bin, I'd worry about backing things like passwords/logins, e-mail settings, browser favorites, document files, LR catalogs, etc. Just in case your HD suffers from a complete crash. Because I have a sneaky suspicion you are headed that way...a format and re-load of everything or a new HD and re-load of everything.

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