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Removing reflection from softbox

K Klein

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It was 8:00 in the morning, a headshot marathon, and I slipped and didn't notice a couple of people who had the soft box reflecting in the window until it was too late.  It is on about 3 people's images, then I noticed the reflection but it was too late to call them back.  Is there any way to fix this?  Or make it look better?  Image is SOOR


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This is one of the worst, which is why I used it as an example.  As soon as I noticed it, I changed both my angle and the position of the softbox, so I don't have ANY of the actual building :(  After I changed my position the building went behind the subject's head.  This girl and one other girl have the two worst, where it is basically taking up the entire building.  I played around with some layer masks but couldn't get a good color blend.  Banging my head against the wall!!!

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