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New system? Thoughts?


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Hi Brian... 

I am reviewing a new system for my space.   I am running Windows 7 professional on two systems now that are networked (xps 8700's).   One is 4 and the other is a little more than 3 1/2 years old.   I don't want networking issues running 7 and 10 as I have heard happens quite often.   Hence the following set up and I would like less confusion between the two work environments .   Could I have your thoughts before me placing my order.   I have monitors already.    So this would just be the tower with 5 years pro service plus ( state side via small business).  1,300.00 delivered 

210-AFLH Dell Precision Tower 3420 XCTO BASE 1 - -
338-BIBN 6th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 (Quad Core 3.40GHz,
4.0Ghz Turbo, 8MB, w/ HD Graphics 530)
1 - -
412-AAGQ Small Form Factor Processor Heatsink 65 Watt 1 - -
619-AIKN Windows 7 Pro English, French, Spanish 64bit (Includes
Windows 10 Pro License)
1 - -
658-BCSB Microsoft(R) Office 30 Days Trial 1 - -
422-0008 Dell Data Protection System Tools Digital Delivery/DT 1 - -
422-0052 SW,MY-DELL,CRRS 1 - -
444-BBBG BIOS match checked back to factory 1 - -
444-BBBS BIOS binary check enabled and verified 1 - -
637-AAAZ Dell Backup and Recovery Basic 1 - -
640-BBDF Adobe Reader 11 1 - -
640-BBES Dell Precision Optimizer 1 - -
640-BBEV Dell Data Protection | Protected Workspace 1 - -
640-BBLW Dell(TM) Digital Delivery Cirrus Client 1 - -
658-BBMR Dell Client System Update (Updates latest Dell
Recommended BIOS, Drivers, Firmware and
1 - -
490-BCRU NVIDIA Quadro K620 2GB (DP, DL-DVI-I) (1 DP to SL-DVI
1 - -
387-BBBE No Energy Star 1 - -
321-BBVG Dell Precision Tower 3420 Up to 85% efficient 180W
1 - -
450-AAFS US/Philippines Power Cord 1 - -
370-ACIU 16GB (2x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4 Non-ECC 1 - -
403-BBCE Integrated Intel SATA Controller 1 - -
449-BBKN C3 M.2 SSD 1 - -
331-4816 NO RAID,Dell Precison Tx600 1 - -
400-AJXC M.2 512GB PCIe NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive 1 - -
412-AAHM Thermal pad for NVMe SSD 1 - -
401-AADF No Additional Hard Drive 1 - -
401-AADF No Additional Hard Drive 1 -

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Talk about mumbo-jumbo. From what I can translate, it looks ok. Windows 7 is getting harder and harder to be installed on machines. Microsoft has stopped issuing licensees to manufacturers and all that's left is Win 10 licenses and those units are downgraded to Windows 7. When you create the installation / recovery media, it will be Windows 10. So sooner or later, you are going to have to deal with Windows 10. So says Microsoft.

Honestly, it's not a Windows 10 and Windows 7 communication problem. It's people who do not know how to properly setup a Workgroup environment and give proper permissions to shared folders, plus creating usernames in the proper local classification groups.

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So in your opinion this is fine... but, if done properly Windows 10 would be fine also.   

It's the same cost of this and a new XPS with Windows 10.   I am thinking I may  just stay with Windows 7 on this quote and I have another 5 years of support and Windows 7.   LOL   I am a old dog.  :-)

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Mainstream Windows 7 Support has already ended. January 14, 2020...Microsoft will take it behind the proverbial barn and shoot it dead. So you have about 3 years left, not 5. :) 

As far as PC specs...

i5 or i7 CPU

8GB RAM / 16GB Preferred 

1TB HD at the min / 4TB preferred 

A separate non-integrated Video Card that has its own dedicated video memory. 2GB or more is fine. That said, this would be something that I would do the "up-sell" on and get the faster option when configuring things.

Windows 10 or Windows 7 64-bit. 64-bit is required  Do not purchase a 32-bit Windows OS.

There is only about a 5% - 7% performance boost with an i7 when it comes to Adobe Photoshop. The reason is PS is not coded to take advantage of the architecture that makes the i7 CPU faster. Adobe is relying on video card memory and performance to make their software run faster, it's not based on the CPU chip anymore. So a big beefy video card with a power supply that has enough "Umph" to support it is almost as important as CPU speed. 

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Stupid question... I was told since this was a solid state I did not need 1tb that I would be fine the  400-AJXC M.2 512GB PCIe NVMe Class 40 Solid State Drive 1 - -
Otherwise all the specs you have mentioned are included in the above quote.   I can request more... I just want to better understand the difference between the solid state and regular GB drive.   

Please and thank you so so much!!!!


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8 hours ago, Cindy said:

I was told since this was a solid state I did not need 1tb that I would be fine

:::: FACEPALM ::::

I love when salespeople try to sell stuff. LOL!!

Here is the thing with SSD, I don't care how fast and fancy it is, A FULL SSD drive won't do you a damn bit of good, no matter how you slice it. The best systems have a SSD C: Drive that has the Windows OS, and a second HD, usually a 4TB 7200RPM drive for the programs and data. Again, you are back to doing custom installs on everything, and not going "nextnextnextnext...ok...next...finish." So while a 500GB SSD Drive would probably work, it's still a 500GB drive before formatting. Don't think for a minute that you have 500GBs to play with. More along the lines of 465GB (give or take) THEN minus what Windows 7 or Windows 10 takes for itself, plus all the updates and patches that will need to be downloaded, so let's say you are around 380GB when it's all said and done. Now you go installing software and drivers and such, and space starts becoming a premium.

What the reality is, manufacturers have bought a bunch of SSD drives. They are the "COOL" thing to have and run much faster. It's easy to sell...I mean, WHY would you not get one, right? They are so fast and consume less power and don't have any moving parts!! Umm...yeah. They are still small capacity-wise, but are getting much better. 1TB drives exist, Crucial makes them, among others. Oh, here is another sneaky thing with SSD, if you go accidentally deleting files and are looking to recover said files, it's near impossible to do on a SSD drive, due to the way it spreads the data across the memory chips inside. While I like the idea of SSD and would use one for my Operating System, I would definitely have a 2nd traditional HD that has all my programs and data. Though I might put programs on the SSD Drive. The PS scratch disk and Windows Swap File would be on the traditional HD, hands down. If you do get a system with a SSD Drive, make sure it is AT LEAST 500GB. The bigger the better. See if there is an option to add a 2nd HD, or add one yourself, it's not that hard to do and takes about 15-20 min. Seriously.

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