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Change color of fabric


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I need to change the red stripes to blue.  The little one originally had matching dress but she threw up so many times that we needed to change her dress.  

Ive played with a few methods (Color range and mask, and solid color layer set to Color mode and mask) but im struggling with the edges and the red being reflected onto the white fabric and onto her skin :(,

Im hoping you can point me in the right direction - this is meant to be printed on a 24x30 canvas so I need to get it right or a reshoot will be in order.




2 Dress.jpg

1 Girls.jpg

3 Dress.jpg

Edited by oodles
Added 3rd close up showing reflection on skin
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The solution is so simple you'll fall off your chair.

Just add a Channel Mixer adjustment layer and swap the Red and Blue channels ...

  • Red 0, 0, +100
  • Blue +100, 0, 0

Then mask on to the ribbons.  You won't even have to mask particularly precisely in most areas.

Then, clip a Hue/Saturation layer to the Channel Mixer layer and manipulate Blues a little more if needed (eg darkening or whatever)

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