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CTRL L function not working correctly

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Hello!  Out of nowhere, when I press CTRL L, my levels layer comes up like this?  This weird box pops up on my screen instead of a new levels layer being added.  What setting have I screwed up?  When I go up and manually select a levels adjustment layer, it adds it to my layers panel just like normal.  It is only when I press ctrl L that it does this weird box thing.  Please help!  This is ruining my workflow! 

screenshot of levels.jpg

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What you've shown here is the natural behaviour of Photoshop.  At some point in the past you must have gone to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts to customise the Ctrl L shortcut to create a layer; and now it's been lost.  Photoshop always loses settings occasionally.

So yeah, you'll need to go to Edit>Keyboard Shortcuts and do it again.

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