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My monitor is too bright

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Hi Damien, This is the first time I'm calibrating and on my 4th attempt following your tutorial. I have a Dell Precision M6800 laptop and bought the xrite i1DisplayPro to calibrate. I'm realizing after multiple attempts that my monitor is too cool since my prints are coming out warmer. My first calibration I used Native and my White Point came out at 7811K and then 80cdlm2. On my 4th attempt I finally changed to D55 and brought my luminance down below the target but my monitor is still too bright and still slightly cool compared to my prints. I'm getting closer I think to my prints matching but want to make sure i'm doing this correctly before I attempt again. Thanks for your help.




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I have a lot of windows in my house so I definitely have a lot of natural light coming through. When I calibrated I was in my dining room facing a large window and have  glass doors nearby too but had my monitor facing away from the window.  I closed all the blinds and then compared my prints to my screen only in natural light with no lights turned on. 

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