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B/W editing style

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I'm sure this is some type of preset but I'd like to know how to achieve this look with a b/w conversion.    https://www.facebook.com/KalaRathPhotography/photos/a.194704447257992.46785.194668813928222/885154158213014/?type=3&theater

I've attached one of my images that I feel has similar shadows and highlights.  I did not see any requirements for image size so I apologize in advance if my image is too large.  


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You'll need a photo with dark hair, not blonde, and definitely without any sky (or any light areas at all) in the background.

Or, can you find a different example photo which is more like yours?

Then post your clean-processed black-and-white edit for us to apply the style to.

(Your size is fine, by the way - the forum automatically shrinks oversized files, so you can't go wrong.)

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