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White balance or colour casting on dog


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I'm having trouble working out what is wrong with this picture. I struggled with the white balance and have it as good as I can get it but something is still wrong. It's either too green or magenta and just flat. I took it to PS as I couldn't get it right in ACR, and adjusted the colour balance following your 'Learning to Identify Casts' tutorial but it's still not right. I've tried to work on it on and off over the last week and still can't work it out. Would love your help please.




Screen Shot ACR.png

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The overall dog will look fabulous once you take the Levels Class, don't worry.

I can't give advice about white balance here, sorry.  Only in the class.

Regarding the cast, I think a Hue/Saturation layer would be great.  Choose Yellows, and nudge the Hue slider slightly to the left.

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