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How do I offset a watermark in the web actions?

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Is there a way to set the position of the watermark in the web action, say 1/4 of the way up from the bottom? When I use "Fixed WM" action, it places it right up against the edge. It feels like it should be easy to do it but I've fiddled around and can't work it out.  


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Perhaps I'm using it wrong or I've missed something. 
I've set up the image size in Fit Image, Sharpened, set up the canvas size for the size of my watermark, placed it and selected the options to align it bottom right, rather than centring it.  

This gives me the first image below. 

I see the extra tips which give options for eg left aligning but what I'd like would be to not align it to the bottom edge but say 50 px short of the bottom edge without doing it by hand, more like the second image.  

If I've missed something specific, could you direct me to the bit I missed please? 



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