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Monitor not matching prints at all

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Hello Damien, 

I just switched over to a brand new fancy ASUS laptop. I had previously been using a Toshiba with my ColorMunki X-rite and it always worked fine and would match my prints well. I am trying to calibrate on the new laptop and my prints and screen are quite different. Here is what I have tried: 

-updated to the most recent software

-ensured all lights were off/blinds closed, device flat against screen

-Restarted computer and tried again

While the 2nd time I calibrated the results did look different, they still do not match the prints well at all. Is there anything I can do besides just keep trying? 

Thanks very much, 
- Carly 

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The brightness is pretty good, but the colors are way off. Particularly, the greens/yellows. I am looking at an image with some trees in it, the trees on the print are a bright green/yellow compared to my screen in which they are a much darker green/grey. 

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